Cyanotype Workshop in a Box

Cyanotype Workshop in a Box


Everything you need fire your imagination and begin to explore the magic of cyanotype printing. Treat yourself to a day making art with sunlight!

So many people ask me how I make my work and they can’t always make it to a workshop so I’ve made this workshop in a box. Inside you will find :

*3 labeled brown glass jars for storage and mixing

*Pre-measured chemicals

*5 sheets of lovely heavyweight water colour paper and 3 blank greetings cards with envelopes.

*Gloves, stirrers, brush and a piece of acetate

*Card with printed instructions, list of suppliers, hints and tips.

Share your results on Instagram with the hashtag #witchmountainblue and if you have any questions during your experiments just send me a message via the website and I can offer more creative support.

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