Turquoise Petals - handprinted lantern, nightlight.

Turquoise Petals - handprinted lantern, nightlight.


I have printed this lantern from an original design, hand painted on to paper, using disperse dyes for heat transfer. This way of printing is considered to be less harmful to the environment than many others since there is no water wastage and the papers can be reused several times - until the colour is all gone. Sometimes called “exhaust printing”, I’ve used this idea to create a unique, one off piece.
The fabric is a lovely, heavy weight, cream satin which you would never guess is actually made from recycled plastic bottles! I love “natural fabrics” but this really does work well and is considered to be more “eco friendly” than organic cotton.

*printed and made in very small batches

*Measuring 10cm diameter x 12cm high they come in a gift box, with a glass votive and battery operated tea light ( batteries are replaceable) which sheds a warm glow.

*Free UK postage.

*They can also double as a beautiful vase if you stand a jam jar inside or can be used (with extreme care please) with regular tea lights in the glass votive holder. 

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