Two Bears - handprinted cyanotype lantern/nightlight

Two Bears - handprinted cyanotype lantern/nightlight


This little nightlight is made using natural calico fabric, hand printed with an original cyanotype "photogram" of plants, stars and two friendly bears. Seams are finished with decorative hand stitching.

Your lantern will feature two bears (from an original lino-cut design) and a carefully chosen arrangement of plants and stars similar to the ones the photographs. Each lantern is one of a kind, a totally unique piece.

Measuring 10cm diameter x 12cm high they come in a gift box, with a glass votive and battery operated tea light ( batteries are replaceable) which sheds a warm glow.

They can also double as an unusual vase if you stand a jam jar inside or can be used (with extreme care please) with regular tea lights in the glass votive holder provided.. 

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