Poetry and Art

For writers and artists it's always exciting to see your work in print, so I was extremely flattered to be asked to provide two cover images for new publications by New Walk Editions. The two poetry pamphlets, by Polly Atkin and Alan Jenkins, are the latest in a series, published bi-annually by New Walk.

I met Polly soon after moving to Cumbria and her poems are in turn beautiful, moving and visceral in their depiction of the natural world, sense of place and the experience of living with an invisible disability (EDS). "With Invisible Rain" also takes inspiration from the diaries of Dorothy Wordsworth, a close neighbour who did a bit of writing, in Townend, Grasmere (because obviously Polly is, like all poets, possessed of magical time travelling powers and regularly calls by Dove Cottage for the occasional chat about poetry).  

I haven't met Alan Jenkins but he is the deputy editor of the Times Literary Supplement which is a pretty big deal.

Both pamphlets are available from New Walk, Polly and selected wonderful bookshops ( Sam Read Grasmere