Cumbria Printmakers Cross the Border
Artists book by Tracey Metcalfe.

Artists book by Tracey Metcalfe.

Wednesday evening saw a number of intrepid printmakers braving the heat wave (and aged vehicles in my case) to travel east to Barnard Castle, in neighbouring County Durham, where our group "Cumbria Printmakers" have set up temporary home at The Witham. Members of the group had set up the show in sweltering heat the day before and we had the easy job of standing around admiring everyone's hard work in the beautiful gallery space.

The show includes a wide variety of different print techniques from etching and lino print to experimental cyanotypes, gel plate printing (such as Tracey Metcalfe's handmade book above) and digital work. I have four pieces in the exhibition, all cyanotype monoprints with hand embroidered details.

My work including a panel of "method" notes

My work including a panel of "method" notes

Cumbria Printmakers is  "...a Social Enterprise working to champion printmaking through exhibitions, events and outreach activities. The group aims to support artists, promote printmaking and collaborate with our partners and the local community to develop courses and workshops which make printmaking accessible for everyone." As well as showing our work (and hoping to sell one or two) each exhibitor was asked to provide written information, examples of tools and materials and images of work in progress. These are fascinating and highly informative documents, worthy of an exhibition in their own right and I loved talking to other artists about their processes; discovering the differences, similarities and unusual problem solving techniques used by them. During the exhibition and continuing throughout the following months, members of the group are running various print workshops at the venue which you can find out more about here. The Witham is a wonderful venue, worth the journey just for the coffee and cakes in the beautiful cafe and it looks as though they host a fantastic variety of events, including music, theatre and educational talks; the staff and volunteers were lovely and friendly too so I thought I would quickly share this link about one of them who lost everything in a fire recently.

So now I am back in the west, the heat wave is over but the printmaking continues as I prepare for Art in the Pen next month. Visit The Witham if you can, it really is worth it. x

Preview evening 

Preview evening 

A Blue Bookshop Window
Bluets window Grasmere

I was honoured and excited last week to have been invited by Sam Read Booksellers in Grasmere to collaborate on a last minute window display promoting Maggie Nelson's "Bluets" published by Jonathan Cape. I made quick cyanotype prints on Arches paper including quotes from the book, layered transparencies, a bit of blue stitching and doodles and gave them to Will and his partner (poet Polly Atkin) to use as they wished. The potential deign problems were  the limited display space and the importance, in such a small independent shop, of not obscuring all the other wonderful books on offer. I think they did a great job and although it would be nice to win the Gin being offered by the publishers, I already feel as though I've won by having my work displayed in my all time favourite bookshop; as well as being lucky enough to help out behind the till occasionally (oh and meeting #WordsworthCat and eating some rather delicious blueberry muffins Will had made).

Sam Read is a tiny, eclectic, wonderful little shop, owned by Elaine Nelson ( no relation to Maggie) and is very dangerous for people like me with limited pocket money- especially as next door Elaine's daughter runs Lucia's which sells the best coffee and ginger crunch ever. I'm really grateful to Elaine for trusting me to help out in the bookshop and to Will for suggesting me (even though we had only really met when I was handing over my bank card over or on Twitter, where we all know there are some very odd people). It's not always been easy moving to a new area and they have definitely made me feel a lot better about it.  

Now, I just need to sell a few more cards because I can see some books in that window that are on my reading list... 


Sam Read's Window Grasmere
Succulent Shelf

Sometimes I need a break from the endless blue of Cyanotype, magical though it is. Today I've been enjoying an exercise in drawing; after a period of creative block when all I really want to do is plant things and tend the garden. I filled a page with doodles of succulents in various imaginary containers and then played with composition in Photoshop, building my own pretend indoor garden. Perhaps the drawings will become cards or prints but for now they are just for fun and quite different to what I usually do.   

Sketchbook page
KIm Tillyer
17 Reasons

It was such a pleasure to meet Lydia, Linnhe and Alexis from 17 Reasons at British Trade Craft Fair, they always seem to be having so much fun. The lovely little gift shop in Moffat has been open for 3 years now and has a growing reputation for well sourced, handmade and designer gifts for all occasions.

I'm overjoyed that 17 Reasons now have a small selection of my lamps and candle lanterns for sale and I'm hoping they sell fast so I have an excuse to head north to re-stock and explore bit of Scotland! They posted this photo on Facebook with an insert picture of me in the corner ( which makes me want to burst out singing .... "thats me in the the spotlight, losing my religion"). 


Lamps at 17 Reasons
StockistsKIm Tillyer
BCTF Harrogate
Witchmountain at BCTF2017

I had a wonderful time in Harrogate this year, the weather was glorious and it was lovely to meet lots of the artists and makers I'd been chatting with in the virtual world. At times the show felt quiet and a lot of exhibitors said the same... the uncertain political and economic climate perhaps? Never the less I added several new gallery stockists to my list and it's going to be a busy summer!  

Thank you to everyone who visited the stand- old friends, new friends and new stockists who will be added to website soon. I'm really looking forward to getting down to work.

Also a big thank you to my daughter Sara who makes it all so much more fun. 

Cyanotype lamps

Cyanotype lamps


Etsy Competition


I've entered a competition on Etsy to win some money to invest in Witchmountain. Voting is only open until April 6th so I've left it a bit late but I'd love it and be eternally grateful if you would consider voting of me so that I might be able to develop some really lovely new work with the best materials and equipment possible.

Thank you x

Etsy Competition #DifferenceMakesUs

Etsy Competition #DifferenceMakesUs